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Spy School - Stuart Gibbs

well this book "spy school" is about how a really smart boy got recuted to work as a spy for the pentagon and he told his perents that he was going to a school for smart kids in washionton dc and he works the hardest to get in shape to be the best studentof the academy and he faces this big problem were hr clound finish somehtinand at the end he did do his best.


this book connects to real life and the world becoause the are really amart kids that go to school that they wont even get apricated for how good they are and how hard they work and they work there buts of to try there best in school and to make there perents feel good so that way there really good in class.


i personally wloud recomend this book to all of you beacouse this book is really inteting an all of the fun things that ahpen to him and how he has fun and hoe he work allot to have a fun and have so much adventure truoght the story



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